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The Moon, Health and Homeopathy with Steffie Field

10:00 - 16:45 | Friday 03 July 2020

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Bob Blair on the Carbons

10:00 - 16:30 | Sunday 04 October 2020
10:00 - 17:00 | Saturday 03 October 2020

Drawing on the extensive work Roger Morrison has done in this field, we will be exploring the indications for Carbon remedies, from simple Pure Carbons through to complex Organic Compounds, visiting Hydrocarbons and other sub-groups along the way, looking at signs, symptoms and common pathologies, as well as deeper themes likely to be seen within such cases. We will also see how Carbon fits within the broader scheme of the second row of the periodic table, drawing on the work of Scholten and Sankaran; although I personally employ Sankaran’s methodology in my practice, the information presented, including illustrative case examples and video clips, will be accessible to those that have no acquaintance with this approach.

This information will be of particular interest to those dealing on a regular basis with cases of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Chemical Sensitivities, especially such cases, and others, that involve episodes of brain fog. There is also much relevance to casese of senile dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

Obviously there will not be time to cover each of the Carbon remedies in depth, since there are many more than a hundred of them, but a map will be presented that serves to guide one’s remedy selection from the first step of identifying the case as a Carbon, through to narrowing the search to one of the smaller sub-groups, with keynotes to assist in the choice of a specific remedy.

We will, of course, have time to have a closer look at some commonly used Carbon remedies, such as Adamas and Saccharum album, and to compare them with their close relatives, such as Diamond Immersion and other Sugars.


Groups discussed will include:

Pure & Structured Carbons (eg Adamas, Diamond imm., Graphites, Carbo fullerenum)

Impure & Unstructured Carbons (eg Carbo-veg, Carbo animalis, soots)

Simple Carbon compounds (eg Methane, Carbon dioxide, Carboneum sulph.)

Carbonicums (eg how to distinguish them from pure metals and other salts of those metals)

Hydrocarbons (eg Petroleum, Petroleum raffinatum, Benzinum, Paraffinum, Methane)

Alcohols (eg Alcoholus, Kreosotum, Carbolic acid)

Carbonyls (eg Acetone, Formaldehyde, Uric acid)

Carboxyls (eg Acetates, Citrates, Oxalates, Salicylates, Tartrates …and their acids)

Sugars (eg Saccharum album, Saccharum lactis, Lactic acid, Lacticums)

Nitrate Carbons (eg Glonoinum, Picric acid & picrates, Amylenum nitrosum)

Amines (eg Urea, Lecithinum, Thiosinaminum and various Ammonium salts)

Cyanides (and Ferrocyanides) (eg Hydrocyanic acid, Kali-cy, Kali-fcy., Merc-cy.)

Plant-derived Carbons including Terpenes (eg Camphora, Mentholum, Eucalyptolum, Pix.)

A 90 page printed booklet is included in the price containing all the information covered, and much, much more; this handy desktop reference should prove invaluable in your clinic, and will save you much writing/typing over the weekend!

Bob Blair LCH PCH

Bob shares his knowledge and experience with generosity and passion. Before becoming immersed in Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method, Bob trained with Jeremy Sherr; he now delights in synthesising information from a variety of sources and teachers, and in communicating different approaches to case-taking and analysis, adapting the process to suit the individuality of each patient. His teaching emphasises the importance of accessing data accessed from high quality provings, the cornerstone of traditional classical homeopathy; he is a key driver of WISH’s current research program, encouraging a systematic approach to initiating new provings.

For the last few years his research has been particularly focused on the task of developing a Sensation-orientated systematic approach to the Plant kingdom in its entirety, as well as expanding the number of plant families and orders we have a clearly defined Sensation for. Bob teaches at various locations and colleges in the UK; as well as having spoken at WISH conferences in Europe, he delivers web-based guest lectures at The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, having completed its first ever teacher training program, and also teaches in Australia.

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