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Managing Menopause Naturally

10:00 - 16:45 | Friday 31 January 2020

How we are now

There are over 34 symptoms now associated with menopause from aches & pains & anxieties to vaginal dryness.

As a practitioner I’ve seen huge change in the last 20 years. We’ve gone from a time in a woman’s life that barely got press, to a topic of hourly Instagram posts, prime time TV focus & interviews at a Government policy level.

Partly this is due to some great movers and shakers who are working hard to raise awareness and create support for women, but it’s also due to our, now, massively compromised endocrine (hormonal) systems shouting out for solutions.

Why might this be?

If we, in the West, talk to Nomadic tribeswomen about menopause they laugh. They do not experience the myriad of issues that we do.

What have we done differently?

In this talk you can expect to unravel some of those mysteries, understand the problem and garner some useful tools for your menopause cases.

The aim is to focus on affordable and easy to access solutions that you can share with your clients. We are homeopaths but, these days, nothing if not also educators.

The state we are in now is a fast-changing one. Each week in practice I hear new symptoms associated with menopause, way beyond what I was taught 20 years ago – most recently Burning Mouth Syndrome – did you know that this is now listed amongst menopausal symptoms?  Symptoms like this can cause unprecedented and continual stress.

This session will help you identify the many symptoms of menopause, both the obvious ones and the less acknowledged ones and add to your practice tool kit.

What we will cover


The signs for this stage are showing up in ever younger women. What to look about for, how to prescribe and what to offer as adjunctive advice.

True Menopause

Knowing what true menopause is, what symptoms are associated with it and how can we help.

Post menopause

Some women suffer for the rest of their life after the cessation of menses. Understanding why might this be, knowing what support to give – yes there are solutions.

About Caroline http://carolinegaskin.co.uk/

Caroline has worked as a Homeopath, Flower Essence Prescriber & Health Coach for over 20 years in her London-based practice and has more recently added online consultations for clients worldwide.

She is a hormonal health expert and draws on many years’ experience of working in PR for complementary health, holistic parenting, organic lifestyle, permaculture and sustainable systems as well as natural health. Caroline trained with Robert Davidson at the College of Practical Homeopathy and qualified in 2000.

She has tutored and lectured extensively in homeopathy since 2003 at both college and post graduate level and supervises student clinics. Her practice also includes running workshops and retreats and she has established trauma response clinics in times of crises, most recently for the Grenfell disaster. She is registered & insured with the Complementary Therapist Association.



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The Black Horse
Old Honiton Road

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Bob Blair

10:00 - 16:45 | Saturday 21 March 2020
10:00 - 16:45 | Sunday 22 March 2020

Drawing on the extensive work Roger Morrison has done in this field we will be exploring the indications for Carbon remedies, from simple Pure Carbons through to complex Organic Compounds, looking at signs, symptoms and common pathologies, as well as deeper themes likely to be seen within such cases. We will see how Carbon fits within the broader scheme of Row 2, drawing on the work of Scholten and Sankaran; although I personally employ Sankaran’s Sensation Method almost exclusively in my practice the information presented, including illustrative case examples and video clips, will be accessible to those that have no acquaintance with this approach.

This information will be of particular interest to those dealing on a regular basis with cases of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Chemical Sensitivities, especially such cases, and others, that involve episodes of brain fog.

Obviously there will not be time to cover each of the Carbon remedies in depth, but a map will be presented that serves to guide one’s remedy selection from the first step of identifying the case as a Carbon, through to narrowing the search to one of the smaller sub-groups, with keynotes to assist in the choice of a specific remedy.

Bob Blair LCH PCH

Bob shares his knowledge and experience with generosity and passion. Before becoming immersed in Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method, Bob trained with Jeremy Sherr; he now delights in synthesising information from a variety of sources and teachers, and in communicating different approaches to case-taking and analysis, adapting the process to suit the individuality of each patient. His teaching emphasises the importance of accessing data accessed from high quality provings, the cornerstone of traditional classical homeopathy, demonstrating its relevance to the expert use of contemporary Sensation-orientated homeopathy; he is a key driver of WISH’s current research program, encouraging a systematic approach to initiating new provings. For the last few years his research has been particularly focused on the task of developing a Sensation-orientated systematic approach to the Plant kingdom in its entirety, as well as expanding the number of plant families and orders we have a clearly defined Sensation for. Bob teaches at various locations and colleges in the UK; as well as having spoken at WISH conferences in Europe, he delivers web-based guest lectures at The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, having completed its first ever teacher training program, and also teaches in Australia.

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