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Children with ADHD and ASD

09:30 - 04:30 | Friday 11 June 2021

Treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and autism

  • An overview of the current literature available: trials, case reports and books
  • An overview of Philippa’s own research and the chief findings from it, in particular the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for ‘emotional lability’
  • Description of the current ‘Pod’ Project for autism, and how homeopaths can get involved in recording their patient’s voices
  • Emerging treatment protocols will be described and discussed: what to look for when treating cases - common v uncommon symptomatology; successful prescribing methodologies; aetiological prescribing etc
  • Cases to illustrate will be included at every stage, including cases using the remedies Lac Delphinium and Aranea Ixobola, as well as more common remedies such as Medhorrinum, Aconite, Pulsatilla etc

Event Date: FRIDAY 11th June 2021

Early Bird date: 28th May 2021  £30 Members / £40 Non members

Bookings close: 5pm 9th June 2021

About Philippa

After studying English and Education at Cambridge University, Philippa worked as a special needs teacher. Whilst her own four girls were young, she trained as a homeopath and was startled by the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for some of her former pupils. So she amalgamated her two professions specialising in the homeopathic treatment of children with neurodevelopmental and behavioural disorders.

Trying to understand the evidence issues surrounding homeopathy for these children, she completed a BSc in Homeopathy; an MSc in Research Methodology in Psychology; and a PhD in public health, conducting research along the way.

Philippa is dedicated to providing good quality, real life research evidence with the aim of improving health outcomes, and works with therapists, academics and trialists to this end. She is a lecturer at St Mary’s University, and part of the Health Hawk collaboration to build Healthy Health systems, within which she has initiated the Pod Project.

She runs a private homeopathic practice from her home near High Wycombe and on-line. When not researching or practicing homeopathy, Philippa is to be found digging in the garden or riding her horse.

We need to receive payment on or before 28 May 2021 to qualify for early bird prices.

Price SWHG Members Joining members
One day £30 Early bird
£40 Normal
£40 Early bird
£50 Normal

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Thinking Outside the Box - Novel Nosodes

09:30 - 16:30 | Saturday 20 March 2021

Thinking Outside the Box: Novel Nosodes & Other Oddities

Bob will share his knowledge and experience of minor nosodes, as well as some unusual aspects of those more commonly used. We will look at the Core Experience of this group of remedies, and study the symptom pictures of some of the more useful minor nosodes, remedies made from diseased tissues or their products, and sometimes from the isolated pathogen itself.

From Streptococcinum to Cryptococcus, cases will illustrate how these remedies can be applied in practice, both as the simillimum, arrived at by Sensation or symptoms, or a combination of the two, and also as useful intercurrents.

Bob will also treat us to a few interesting cases in which unusual remedies made from pharmaceutical drugs and sarcodes were put to good use. The idea is not to showcase weird and wonderful cases so much as to impart a number of really valuable clinical tips, which Bob hopes you will find really useful in your own practice.

Price SWHG Members Joining members
One day £40 £50

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