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Ian Watson - New paradigm for Mental Health

10:00 - 16:45 | Saturday 16 November 2019

A New Paradigm for Mental Health

In 1973, an ordinary working man named Sydney Banks did for the field of mental health what Samuel Hahnemann did for the medical field almost two centuries earlier. Through a series of profound insights, Banks uncovered the universal principles (known as The Three Principles) that govern our entire psychological and emotional experience. 

Learning these simple principles has a powerful, transformative effect that enables people to re-align with their innate wisdom, wellbeing and resilience. No techniques or practices are necessary, as it is personal insight alone that brings about rapid and sustainable change. 

For those in the helping professions, an understanding of these principles brings an end to over-responsibility, stress and burnout and provides practitioners with the capacity to guide their clients back to the source of their own mental and emotional health, fostering true independence and ongoing resilience.

These principles have transformed my own life and work, and I know they will do the same for you and your clients. 


Ian Watson is an author, educator, trainer and consultant who has worked in the field of natural healing and inner transformation since 1988. He is widely known through his homeopathic books and published articles and has traveled extensively giving seminars, courses and retreats around the world. Ian was co-founder of The Lakeland College together with the late Anne Waters. 

After retiring from homeopathic practice in 2003, Ian went on to train in Journey process work with Brandon Bays. He also trained in Shen physio-emotional release therapy, EFT, Byron Katie work and Hakomi with the late Ron Kurtz. He also studied Jungian psychology, dream-body work and evolved his own method of working with limiting beliefs and emotional states. 

In 2011, Ian completed an intensive Three Principles Trainer’s Training programme with Cathy Casey and Dr Mark Howard, two of the foremost practitioners who learned directly from Sydney Banks. Since then, Ian’s work has been grounded in an understanding of the principles of innate mental health. Learning these principles has proven to be the ‘missing link’, pulling together all of the threads that Ian has explored during the past three decades. 

Ian founded The Insight Space in 2013 as a vehicle for his workshops, training programmes and consulting work. He is also co-founder of The Wisdom & Wellbeing Consultancy, bringing an understanding of the Three Principles into the corporate world and The Wisdom & Wellbeing Collective, a social enterprise offering programmes for disadvantaged youth, homeless people and ex-offenders. 





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Victory Hall
off Hellings Gardens

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Dion Tabrett - Children

10:00 - 16:45 | Friday 27 September 2019

The symptomatic indications for children's constitutional remedies.

Dion says: Come with me on a journey and visit the Materia Medica ideas of some of our past and present European prescribers.

We shall explore the Swiss homeopath Antoine Nebel and his conclusions on Materia Medica and morphology, particularly with the Calcarea remedies. Then travel onwards to Leon Vannier's work, Henri Bernard, Zissu and finally up to date with Patricia La Roux and Jacques Joanny. All of this will be linked into the great Argentinian homeopaths work Francisco Xavier Eizayaga. There will be cases to illustrate the points discussed

If time permits then a presentation on the tubercular nosodes will be given.

Finally, some of my photos from Germany, Meissen and Hahnemann's childhood home and Stuttgart and the Robert Bosch institute which has Hahnemann's case books (Krankenjournals) which is a fascinating ongoing project.


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The Kenn Centre
Exeter Road

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