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Bob Blair - Journey into the Ocean  & the Fascinating World of Molluscs

10:00 - 16:15 | Saturday 03 October 2020

Sat 3rd October 2020

Early Bird date 11th September 2020

I will take you on a journey into the ocean to explore the fascinating world of Molluscs and the patients that need remedies from these beautiful creatures. The fundamental dynamics of this group of remedies will be discussed in a way that is informative to those practising the Sensation Method while remaining accessible to those that do not; from an Evolutionary Model perspective, correspondences with Mineral and Plant remedies will demonstrate the vulnerability of Water which is seeking the solid security of Earth. Detailed information will be given that will enable you to distinguish between patients needing remedies from different classes of Mollusc along with symptom pictures and/or individualising features of each of the remedies, including material from recent provings, as well as clinical experiences.

Key areas to be covered include:
• Overview of Molluscs: anatomy, physiology, habitat and behaviour
• Behaviours and other features of patients needing Molluscs
• How to differentiate between the 3 distinct classes:-
• Bivalves (including Pearl remedies), Gastropods and Cephalopods
• Terrestrial snails and slugs in comparison to their aquatic counterparts

Illustrative cases

Bob shares his knowledge, experience & research, accumulated during nearly 20 years in full-time practice, with generosity & passion. Before becoming immersed in the Sensation Method, Bob trained with Jeremy Sherr; he now delights in synthesising information from a variety of sources & teachers, including Yakir, Scholten, Gandhi, Sneevliet and the Joshis. He also advocates different approaches to case-taking & analysis, adapting the process to suit the individuality of each patient, and their level of experience, which is made apparent in his varied cases.. Bob teaches in the UK, where he has clinics in Cambridge & Nottingham; he has delivered guest lectures at The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, having completed its first ever Teacher Training program, as well as lecturing in Germany and Australia.


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The Actinides and Global Disintegration with Geoff Johnson

09:30 - 13:00 | Saturday 01 August 2020

 Please note DATE CHANGE Now Saturday 1st August 2020 9.30am to 1pm

The Actinides and Global Disintegration

  • The earth's ecosystem is under threat from human caused climate change.
  • The energy of humanity is analogous to the 7th row of the periodic table, and has been since the cognitive revolution
  • Extinction rates are at their highest for 60 million years
  • Human society is on a knife edge and human survival is questionable.
  • Gaia has produced a symptom we call Covid.
  • Welcome to the radioactive era!


This will be our first on line seminar, please bear with us through any glitches!

  • Meeting date: Saturday 1st August 2020
  • Start time 9.30 am. Please ‘arrive’ at 9.15 to check your system is working ok
  • Please register and make your BACs payment by Monday 27th July 2020
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  • You will be sent an email with a Zoom link
  • Most of you are probably familiar with Zoom now, but for anyone who has not used it – you need to download the Zoom app prior to attending the seminar
  • If you just google ‘Zoom Download’ and click, it just does it!
  • Suggest you ‘arrive’ at 9.15am
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One day £10 £20

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Hilery Dorrian on The Milks

10:00 - 16:15 | Saturday 28 November 2020

Details to follow

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Price SWHG Members Non-members
One day £30 Early bird
£40 Normal
£40 Early bird
£50 Normal

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