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Previous Events - What people said:

                            Cassie Everett - Overcoming Infertility

“ I shall certainly try some of these methods on difficult cases

  • Cassie was a brilliant speaker. Knew her stuff, explained things really well, answered questions fantastically and was really approachable
  • Great information, lovely presentation and can apply to practice
  • I enjoyed hearing about different methods. It’s important to know how other homeopaths are working.
  • Very good speaker – clear focussed, practice based. Generous with information
  • I found Cassie’s presentation style relaxed, informative and accessible 

Trevor Gunn - Holistic Pathology

Trevor created a relaxed, friendly environment. Engaged the group inviting questions & himself asking questions

  • Huge breadth of knowledge which gave much more substance to what I thought I already knew. Useful change of perspective
  • Really appreciated it not being MM but a deepening of our understanding of disease & therefore our patients
  • Trevor’s presentation packed with info & challenging my brain (in a good way)  

                     Naomi Devlin - Nutrition, The Gut / Brain Axis 

Naomi is so good at answering questions. Immense knowledge but very accessible and clearly delivered 

 Naomi made gut healing accessible. The message that even small changes can be beneficial allows us to start where the client is at. Balance in all things.

“   I like the idea of using some of this advice to support my practice - it will be very useful 

Invaluable. Engaging. Made all sorts of connections for me & updated my knowledge 

Dr Jonathan Hardy - Spider Remedies

Such clear indications of patients needing a spider remedy 

“   Beautifully constructed seminar with just the right amount of information, wonderfully clear 

An excellent day. Jonathan was informative and inclusive to all, including students  

Loved the real cases illustrtated through video clips. Well paced interesting material, well presented  

Anthony Bickley - Bowel Nosodes 

Anthony was really open to questions. Fantastic knowledge, stories 

brought remedies to life 

Clear, concise explanations and descriptions and references to cases 

“   Well presented, interactive and with a sense of humour. I thought I knew loads about nosodes but here you found an expert! 

Whole lecture was fascinating! Just to see that BN can be constitutional Rxs. Good to hear a specialist in the field   


Bill Rumble - Tuning into the process 


Allway s love Bill’s teaching which serves as a good reminder to get out of my head again so much  

“   Enjoyed looking at some philosophy, good to revisit the basics and the Organon from time to time 

Like the idea of the ‘symptom makers apprentice’ and ‘the monster on the bridge’. A very visual way of remembering!       

   Being reminded about case taking, the simplicity of it, the making the space, enabling expression of what is unknown. Very informative, enjoyed the case examples. Will be more mindful in case taking in the future  

Emma Dalton- Herbs for Homeopaths

Very knowledgable, lots of info packed into the day, clear answers to questions 

Very engaging delivery. You can tells she lives and breathes the subject 

“   Aimed at the right level, not just learning about herbs but understanding how we might use/best way of using herbs as homeopaths  

Handouts particularly useful, prior to the day. Exceedingly thorough preparation  

Interesting to have tinctures to try 

Linda Gwillim - Gifts of the Mother

Fulfilled and surpassed my expectations. Great balance of description of proving cases and the psycho/spiritiual aspects as well as the physical

Felt I learnt with my heart and my soul as well as my mind. I was incredibly moved by the day 

“   Good understanding of the remedies  - you feel you can go away and prescribe straightaway  

Very good clear practical experience and well organised talk  

Geoff Johnson

Successful cases - plant remedies and some severe pathology in animals

Geoff is a very informative, experienced and entertaining lecturer

Geoff is an excellent speaker. I would attend whatever his subject  

“   Loads of information – leaving you wanting more  

So much information packed into one day. Very inspiring   

The Joshis - MAPing

Loved the whole weekend’s material. The Joshis really got me fired up and passionate. Wonderful!

“ Loved the idea of the Levels and the way different Kingdoms are connected

   The Joshis are inspiring, supportive and enabling

Great to think I can use MAPing – an in depth tool” 



                      Mike Bridger - What to do when stuck!

Mike has a clear, easy style

Wonderful lively talk! Very stimulating

Refreshing reminder about ‘simplicity’

Enjoyed the humour

I am certainly going to look more at Remedy Relationships

Naomi Devlin - Nutrition and the Microbiome

 Knows her stuff, engages the listener, presents well 

 Down to earth approach, lots of useful info.  Very knowledgable of the subject and gave a balanced view of different diets. Successfully linked diet and nutrition with homeopathy    

Naomi is a great teacher. Clear informative,  a really excellent day. I have attended many other seminars on the subject which left me feeling worse off! This was heartfelt,  humorous and so sensible homeopathic-wise  

Naomi had great delivery and information. More please!

Maria Jevtic - From Cave to Computer

In January Maria Jevtic, author of ‘From Cave to Computer’ guided us through the development of the human diet through the centuries and the miasms:

Food for thought!

A lot of ideas neatly brought together.

Maria’s wonderful thought provoking insight; so elegantly presented. Thank you

Maria is a very thought provoking speaker with some really interesting ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The importance of nutrition and environment, necessary to address for proper healing.