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SWHG: Protecting your personal data

SWHG is a membership organisation providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for Homeopaths in the South-West Region of the UK.

We will collect and use personal information only to the extent that it is necessary to maintain the membership and educational services that we offer.

This policy explains what personal information we hold or that you provide whilst using the SWHG website and email.

We have updated our policy on handling personal information in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on 25th May 2018.

Our Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it is still current and appropriate, or at any changes of the relevant Data Protection laws.

Our Committment:

We are committed to safeguarding our members’ and associates’ privacy and data, and that of any visitors to our website. We do not share any data with any other organisation.

What Data we may collect:

Via the website or other means of communication, we may collect:

  • Your name – first name and surname
  • Your payment preference – Bank Transfer/Cheque
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number(s)
  • Your address
  • Your registering body, if any - SoH/ARH/HMA/Faculty/Not registered/Student
  • Any information that you put in our free-form message box.
  • Events that you have attended
  • Email correspondence between you and us.

We do not hold any financial details for our members.

Feedback forms from events are used to provide feedback to lecturers and the Steering Group as to the success of the event. Any feedback is only attributable to an individual if they give consent.

How and why we store your data:

We take all reasonable steps to secure your data. This includes trusting the organisations we use to store your details (Google, Bluetree.co.uk) to have robust personal security data measures complying with GDPR.

On the website: Members emails only – to quote correct fees and prompt membership renewal.

On Gmail: Names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, events attended

On GoogleDrive: Names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, events attended/amount paid.

All of the above are password protected and only accessible by members of the Steering Group.

We keep a register of all SWHG contacts, classified into:

  • Members
  • Past members/interested parties who have confirmed they are still interested in receiving information from SWHG
  • Lecturers
  • Admin contacts – such as for venues, IT support etc. appealing

We keep the data in order to let you know about forthcoming events.

How we use your data:

Contact information will be used to notify you by email about SWHG CPD events throughout the year, as well as remind those on the SWHG register of annual membership renewal.

We will contact people who have booked to attend events with instructions and/or handouts.

We will use information held about events to assess the viability of those and similar events in order to provide an interesting programme of events.

We repeat, we do not share data with any other organisation.

Email privacy:

In order to protect privacy, emails will be sent to members via a blind copy so that it is not possible to see other members’ details.

Please note that for the purposes of arranging shared transport, attendees of each event will be emailed by open copy rather than blind copy. On booking for each event you will asked to opt in to sharing your data for this purpose.

We commit to keeping traffic to your inbox to a minimum: exceptions may be a call to action or issue of high importance to the Homeopathic profession.

Use of Cookies:

We use Cookies to track the number of visitors to the SWHG website. These cookies (small files) do not hold any personal information but provide information about how many visitors there are to the site and when. This enables us to use Google Analytics to understand how the site is used in order to improve it and to ensure that relevant information is on there in a timely manner.

Your rights regarding your personal data:

We have set out above what personal data we hold and where.

We will contact all the people on our mailing list to confirm that they would like to stay on it. We will make every effort to ensure that people have the option to remain on our mailing list before we delete the data of those who don’t reply.

  • You have the right to see the information that we store about you and amend it if incorrect. If you wish to do this, please use the contact form on our website.
  • All marketing emails will contain an unsubscribe link – unsubscribing would remove you from the active members list and we would no longer send you SWHG emails.
  • We will regularly review information held about those who no longer subscribe to the SWHG and will delete it unless there is a compelling reason to retain it.
  • You have the right to ask us to delete the data we hold about you. If you wish us to do so, please use the contact form on our website.
  • If any personal data we hold is subject to hacking or is stolen, we will promptly inform all of those affected. We will also inform the Information Commissioner’s Office. 

Contacting Us

If you have any queries regarding your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form on our website.